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 Handmade Natural  Soaps                                              




Eucalyptus oil is finally making its way into natural soap. Eucalyptus oil has a strong but pleasant scent many soothing and healing properties for the skin.  It has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for various ailments.  Eucalyptus oil originated in Australia and Tasmania.  The oil has been widely used by the Aborigines to treat wounds, soothe skin irritation, repel bugs, and for various other reasons.  Eucalyptus can now be found in Europe, China, Russia, South America, and California in the United States.  Due to its powerful scent, eucalyptus oil is used to help relieve mental exhaustion, as well as to boost blood flow to the brain, increasing mental activity. it reduces muscle tension, inflammation, and soreness due to exercise, overexertion, germicidal qualities and deodorizer.



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