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Clove essential oil is one of the ingredients that are commonly added in organic skin care products such as soaps.  Some benefits of clove essential oil soap for skin include antiseptic and antibacterial benefits. Due to the antiseptic properties of this concentrated oil, it is beneficial for cuts, scabies, wound, bruises, fungal infections such as athletes foot, prickly heat, and many other skin infections.  Antiseptic properties found in clove oil can treat the root cause of athletes foot, which is a fungus. People with acne can also benefit from using a handmade soap with clove oil. Usually, acne is caused by bacteria so using an antibacterial soap made with clove oil would be beneficial.

Ingredients: saponified Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Essential Oils (Clove Bud), Ground Clove

Would you like multiple bars of one scent? If so, it is cheaper in loafs (8-10bars). Send me a message for cost

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